Sally Martin Consulting Pty Ltd – Productive Sheep – Profitable Businesses

Sally Martin Consulting Pty Ltd has been set up as a private consultancy business that is interested in working with both stud and commercial sheep breeders to improve their productivity and profitability.  Sally Martin Consulting Pty Ltd is not aligned with any product and provides independent advice in a number of service areas (listed below).

Personalised packages are available and are tailored to your needs and requirements.


  • Data management
    • What data to collect and when – calendar of operations
    • For both commercial breeding and ram breeder operations
    • Use of commercial software packages – Practical Systems (Stockbook); Sapien Technology (Koolcollect; Koolperform)
  • Data analysis
    • Breeding values; indexes (ASBV)
    • RAMPOWER within flock index
    • Productivity per head ($/head)
    • Productivity per hectare ($/ha)
  • Benchmarking
    • Wether trial advice and analysis
    • Sire Evaluations
    • Sheep Genetics – across flock and within flock
    • Young Sire Program